Persephone Abducted 

For full orchestra (2018)

Sounds of the Garden

I: Peace I – Dawn

II: Swaying Treetops

III: Homo Sapiens I – Slinking

IV: Peace II – Dusk

V: Homo Sapiens II – Frolicking

VI: Snake in the Trees

For string quartet (2018)

Field of Shards

For solo piano (2018)

Meditative Encirclement

For string orchestra, percussion, harp and piano (2017)

Foreshadowed Flashback

For Pierrot ensemble (2017)

Night Hammock

For violin, cello and piano (2016)

A New Evolution

I: Destruction

II: Tragedy

III: Rebirth

For Pierrot Ensemble + percussion (2015)


For cello and piano (2015)


For flute and piano (2014)