For Clarinet in Bb, Harp and Violin (2021)


A Tale of Peace and Conflict

For Pierrot + Percussion and Soprano (2020)


(See in  multimedia)


Sounds of the Garden

For String Quartet (2018)

I: Peace I – Dawn

II: Swaying Treetops

III: Homo Sapiens I – Slinking

IV: Peace II – Dusk

V: Homo Sapiens II – Frolicking

VI: Snake in the Trees


Foreshadowed Flashback

For Pierrot Ensemble (2017; rev. 2020)


Night Hammock

For Piano Trio (2016)


A New Evolution

For Pierrot Ensemble + Percussion (2015)

I: Destruction

II: Tragedy

III: Rebirth



For Cello and Piano (2015)



For Flute and Piano (2014)